At The Quorum Group our project management team has the ability to manage entire projects on behalf of our clients.  Our project managers, with many decades of experience and know-how, are fully committed to projects in consulting rolls and will liaise with all departments of the organization, the community and government agencies. We will also undertake all aspects of a projects financial administration, making us directly accountable to our clients for all expenditures. This ensures unparalleled dedication throughout every phase of the project, avoiding costly charges.

Our clients goals are always our top priority, working together as a team we will identify and continually monitor possible alternatives to reduce construction costs. Ensuring complete project satisfaction, every step of the way.



General contracting requires the overall coordination of many skilled trades, then there is also the planning, designing, constructing and the commissioning of a project. At Quorum, through our Valley West Construction Ltd affiliation, we can execute a single source responsibility approach to build contracts, delivering projects turnkey to our clients, for a guaranteed price. Our team will always explore the most efficient and cost effective ways which comply with our clients construction needs. 

Choosing a partner with a wealth of experience in residential, commercial, institutional, government and mixed-use projects is critical and of the utmost importance to ensure your project is completed correctly, on time and successfully. Our experience speaks for itself, warehouses, shopping malls, town homes, retail stores, hi-rise and much more. Whether you need a project built from the ground up, are looking to build a new addition to an existing structure or are needing important renovations The Quorum Group is the correct choice as your general contractor.





Quorum specializes in working with clients as a concrete forming contractor, it's the very heart of our business and dates back to our humble beginnings. Our concrete forming crews are among the best in the industry with generations of experience. Our portfolio consists of many of today's landmarks throughout Western Canada, have a look at our projects page.

With a proven track record in providing competitive pricing, controlling costs, achieving budgets and delivering projects ahead of schedule it's no wonder Quorum's standards in concrete forming is the benchmark. Only the highest quality workmanship is what we expect, and so should you.

Most construction companies rent their cranes however here at Quorum we own and operate one of the most current and complete tower crane fleets available in Western Canada today, meaning that no project is too big, or tall for us. We have successfully built and completed many projects from warehouses to shopping malls and many modern hi-rise towers 60 storeys tall.